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How to pass variables within App Designer to be saved to file

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Thomas Gross
Thomas Gross on 13 Dec 2020
Edited: Mohammad Sami on 13 Dec 2020
I want to create an app using app designer. I have prepared several edit fields to input the data (numerical and text). Then I also have a simple save button and I want to save all input data of the edit fields to a *.mat file. But how can i access the variables from the edit fields to be saved? I am currently not familiar with the handels structure and the way of using this - are there some examples somewhere that could help me in this regard?
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Henry Tran
Henry Tran on 13 Dec 2020
you can get the value in the Edit Field through:

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 13 Dec 2020
Edited: Mohammad Sami on 13 Dec 2020
You can access the "Value" property of the edit fields to get the associated text / numeric values.
Your code will be inside the save button callback.
if true
a = app.editfield1.Value;
b = app.editfield2.Value;




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