Plane Perpendicualr to an axis

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Hey, how do I plot plane ortogonal to an an axis, in a 3D system.
For example, a plane that is defined by .
Manuel Ferreira
Manuel Ferreira on 21 Dec 2020
I want to graph a plane on top of that plot

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Accepted Answer

Shraddha Jain
Shraddha Jain on 24 Dec 2020
Hi Manuel,
Given below is a sample code to plot a plane in 3-D defined at ,
[y z] = meshgrid(-1:0.1:1);
x = 3/2*ones(size(y));
You may superimpose this plane onto any other surface plot using hold on. To adjust the transparency of the plane appropriately set the alpha value after the surf command. Hope this helps!

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