Evaluate in a single value a function matrix

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Hi i have a to program Newton Raphson in many variables so for example: If i have a function
just like
It is known the Jacobian of f will return in this case a matrix of 2x2. I need to evaluate in a value for example u1=1 and u2=2. But f(1,1) obviously doenst work, i need to evaluate numerically this function and its jacobian and extend this for many variables above 2. By the way the jacobian is:
As you can see for example matrix A(1,1) returns element not a value so how can i evaluate a matrix and a vector in a known number without using x=rand(2,1), x(1),x(2) cause for many variables this will be more dificult to do it.
Thank you

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Dec 2020
Use the Symbolic Toolbox to build the equations. Then use matlabFunction with the 'vars' option passing in a cell array that contains a single entry that is the vector of variable names. matlabFunction will then generate an anonymous function with all of the variables extracted from a single vector of inputs.
syms u1 u2
f = [exp(u1)-cos(u2); exp(u2)-u1^2];
fh = matlabFunction(f, 'vars', {[u1, u2]})
fh = function_handle with value:
Thank you i realized it wasnt your suggestion i just did it again and it work.Thank you so much

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