How to remove numbers from a vector?

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I am using graphical data and looping round a set of data. So, how can I write an if statement to remove zeros from the start and end of the vector so that only the needed data is there, I dont want to remove all zeros though as the middle section of all the data sets has zeros which are needed?
The variable that the data sets loop through is called z_force

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Dec 2020
minidx = find(z_force, 1, 'first')
maxidx = find(z_force, 1, 'last')
rafe brooks
rafe brooks on 5 Jan 2021
Thanks for the help, thats great!

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William on 30 Dec 2020
You could use something like:
while z_force(1)==0
z_force(1) = [];
while z_force(end)==0
z_force(end) = [];


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