how to continuously loop until a condition is met?

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I have a set of data that is varying throughout (force plate data) . I am trying to find the bodyweight of the particpants as it loops through the whole script. I tried to use the mode(A) function and it worked for most but not all as the data varies between them all. So, how can i write a loop that keeps using the mode function until it finds a value that is above 400 and below 1000?
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jessupj on 5 Jan 2021
see the idea of a 'while' loop. you'd want something like:
value = InF;
while ~(value>400 && value<1000 );
% perform operations
value = ??? % some updated value based on the operations at this stage

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 5 Jan 2021
Edited: madhan ravi on 5 Jan 2021
value = % calculate mode;
while 1
if ((value <= 4e2) && (value <= 1e3))
% value = calculate mode again , if it doesn't satisfy
jessupj on 6 Jan 2021
i agree completely that there are instances where this would be the natural way to do it. however, i did not (and still don't... ) see anything in the OP question that indicates it is 'more natural' here.

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