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How to Find Kp,Ki for PI controller from Gain and Time Constant value Given

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Hello !
I have a PSIM circuit model where for the PI Controller Gain and Time constant values are mentioned. I would like to use the same values with Matlab PI controller where input is Proportional Gain and Integral Gain( Kp & Ki)
Any method to find Kp and Ki from Gain and Time constant values mentioned ?
Thanks in Advance
Sreeraj Arole
hamed hendijani
hamed hendijani on 29 Sep 2022
my input voltage of cloosed loop boost converter is 24v and out put voltage is 48v
i already designed the simulation of it and i used youtube videos to set proportional to 0.7 and integral to 100 and it works but i want to know from where we can get this values?
Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 29 Sep 2022
Edited: Sam Chak on 29 Sep 2022
I guess that is a part of the system that produce the output from the input .
If your boost converter model is linear, then you can apply the Final Value Theorem learned fron Integral Calculus.
I think is inside the function that you can derive from the Final Value Theorem.
Is the Boost Converter a subsystem of the PSIM circuit? If they are unrelated, please show the mathematical model of the Boost Converter in a New Question.

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Accepted Answer

Birdman on 14 Jan 2021
Simply, the conversion is as follows(Let K denote gain and Ti denote time constant):
is equal to
If you equate two expressions, then

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Nadine on 30 May 2023
does anyone know how to tune the PI Controller parameters in inverter-based microgrids ?


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