Creating a loop to determine at which iteration an error has occurred

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Lets say i have a single column matrix
A = [1;2;3;4;5;6;7;13;14;15]
how do i find out at which point there is a jump >5 using a loop and logic to determine the row at which the erroneous increase in data occured

Accepted Answer

William on 17 Jan 2021
You don't necessarily need a loop for this. You can use B = diff(A) to return the differences between each pair of successive values of A, and then find(B > 1) to locate the ones that are larger than 1.
However, if you just wanted to know how to use a loop to do this, you could try
bad = [];
for j = 1:length(A)-1
d = A(j+1)-A(j);
if d > 1
bad = [bad j];
This would compile an array named 'bad' containing the location of all jumps in the value.

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