How to create a standalone crosswalk on a single road and then export the scene to OpenDrive?

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I would like to create a standalone crosswalk on a single road and then export the scene into OpenDrive. I have followed the documentation, but when it comes to exporting the scene I receive the following error:
> Exporting OpenDRIVE to '/tmp/RoadRunner-cVZLRI/Export.xodr'
> ERROR: Export OpenDRIVE failed: Road 31 has zero length, but is attached to other roads (this is currently unsupported).
> ERROR: Export OpenDRIVE failed
Is this a limitation of RoadRunner or am I doing something incorrectly? 
I was able to successfully export a crosswalk, at an automatic junction, to OpenDrive, but this is not what I require.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 29 Jul 2020
In this specific case, the issue is due to a custom junction not having the start and ends far enough apart. 
To resolve the issue, ensure that the start and ends of the custom junction are far enough apart. Then, in the maneuver road tool, confirm that all maneuver roads have the "Lock Geometry" option selected in the Attributes Panel. (This is most important.)
You should now be able to export to OpenDrive after rebuilding maneuver roads. 

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鑫凯 罗
鑫凯 罗 on 2 Feb 2021
Have you solved this problem? May I ask how to operate it specifically?

Abhishek Kanakagiri
Abhishek Kanakagiri on 18 Feb 2021
I also came across this problem, as you said this problem arrives while working on single roads.
For me it was not exporting to opendrive format but once I added the stop lines using Crosswalk and stop line tool the error resolved. The problem is that unless you had a stop line on single roads the roadrunner is not able to decide on the length of the signal, that is why it creates road of zero length at the junction.

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