Importing 3D Mesh into MATLAB QuickerSim Toolbox

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Manuel Guzman
Manuel Guzman on 3 Feb 2021
Edited: Walter Roberson on 7 Aug 2021
I am trying to create a T-junction 3D geometry using GMSH and create a mesh to import into QuickerSim CFD toolbox. I have my geometry attached as FocusingMesh3DV1Geo.txt. I have two intersecting boxes that will model the mixing of fluid A coming in from the side inlets and fluid B from the center inlet. What can I possibly change from my gmsh file (see attached FocusingMesh3DV1Msh.txt) so that I can import the file through the import mesh quickerSim routine (see importMeshGmsh.m attached below) in matlab? Or perhaps any recomendations on how I can improve the geometry? Thank you.
I seem to be getting an error message of "undefined function or variable 'K'" in line 218 of the imporMeshGmsh.m file: tmp(i,:) = [L K];

Answers (1)

QuickerSim on 5 Aug 2021
Edited: Walter Roberson on 7 Aug 2021

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