How do I save data created inside a parfor inside an app?

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I have an app which ises a parfor to do major calculation the result of which is a large matrix for each parfor loop that I wish to save.
essentially I have
function ContinueButtonPushed(app, event)
app.TabGroup.SelectedTab = app.SetUpTab;
%app.RUNButton.Enable = 0;
app.comment.Value = 'Running...';
% lots of set up stuff here
parfor loop = startloop:endloop
%create a name for the save file
fl = join([f num2str(loop) '.mat']);
U = zeros(M+2,NJl); %output file
for j=1:NJl %produces an array 1000x1000 and bigger
U1=AA\(1i.*U0l - AB*U0l - sp*dtl*(U0l.*conj(U0l)).*U0l - B(:,j)-B(:,j+1));
UC = (U1+U0l)/2;
U1=AA\(1i.*U0l - AB*U0l - sp*dtl*(UC.*conj(UC)).*UC...
- B(:,j)-B(:,j+1))- deltaNoise(j);
U0l=U1; U(:,j) = [Ul(j+1);U1;Ur(j+1)];
parsave(fl,U0l); %cannot use save within a parfor
% create a name and then save the parameters for later (P_X) file
g = join(['U_L' num2str(app.xmax) 'run' num2str(app.runnumber) 'P_X.mat']);
app.loopmax = app.loopmax+app.offset;
If I use parsave like this I get an error that I need to use
However this gives an error because the app value cannot be used in the parfor loop. One suggestion was to use a static function
methods (Access = private, Static)
function parsave(fname, vr)
save(fname, 'vr', '-v7.3')
Still doesn't work. I really need to save this data. If it is not in the app then the save works fine...
Jonathan Wharrier
Jonathan Wharrier on 13 Feb 2021
I think you could be right. Rather defeats the object in terms of packaging but I haven't come up with anmything better. I will give it a go and see what turns up! Tx

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