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Using Matlab in a mobile application ... how do I run a matlab exe or equivalent that my mobile app and input data and get output?

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I have employed a contractor to write a Matlab exe to perform data classification on a data set.
It all works very well.
I now need to use that exe in a mobile application.
How can I do that?
Can you give me any pointers?

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Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri on 22 Feb 2021
One option is to use MATLAB Coder, which generates C code from your MATLAB algorithm. You can then integrate the generated C code into your iOS and Android apps. Here’s a webinar and example code that shows this workflow:
A few customers have tried this approach. In particular, Respiri created an Android and iPhone app for their wheeze detection product:
MATLAB Coder generates C or C++ code from a supported subset of the MATLAB language. You can find the documentation link for supported languages here
Using that generated code would just require linking it in with your project as any other native C or C++ code.
The product page has a Product Trial link which should allow you to evaluate it. You can visit this link for information about using the MATLAB Coder.
You can also use MATLAB Mobile to run your files on your mobile.
Hope it helps


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