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How to label x tick at every 2 and y tick at 0.2?

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Hello, I have a plot that I want the X-axis labels every 10 to 100 with a tick marks every 2. I also want the Y-axis labels at 2,1,0,-1,-2,-3,-4,-5, with tick marks every 0.2. I'm wondering if any experts can give some command to do it?
Thank you
axis([0 100 -6 2])

Accepted Answer

Adib Yusof
Adib Yusof on 17 Feb 2021
Hey, try this:
Ax = gca;
set(Ax.XAxis, 'TickValues', 0:10:100, 'MinorTick', 'on', 'MinorTickValues', 0:2:100);
set(Ax.YAxis, 'TickValues', -5:2, 'MinorTick', 'on', 'MinorTickValues', -5:0.2:2);

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