Error using the command: set(ai_device, 'SamplePerTriger', 1000)

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Can anyone help. I am using script from the ADLINK (DAQ_MTLB) PDF and in which instruction are given how to extract the data from the control box using matlab but I am on the page where it ask me to use the command shown below but whenever I am using it, I am getting error below. Seraching on google taking me into drivers information which is not required just wondering anyone here can help:
set(ai_device, 'SamplePerTriger', 1000)
>> set(ai_device, 'SamplePerTriger', 1000)
Error using daqdevice/set (line 232)
Invalid property: 'SamplePerTriger'.

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 10 Mar 2021
Edited: Mario Malic on 10 Mar 2021
What's the output of
Is it maybe SamplePerTrigger?
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muhammad choudhry
muhammad choudhry on 10 Mar 2021
>> ai_device = analoginput('mwadlink', 0)
Display Summary of Analog Input (AI) Object Using 'USB-1901:5'.
Acquisition Parameters: 1000 samples per second on each channel.
1000 samples per trigger on each channel.
1 sec. of data to be logged upon START.
Log data to 'Memory' on trigger.
Trigger Parameters: 1 'Immediate' trigger(s) on START.
Engine status: Waiting for START.
0 samples acquired since starting.
0 samples available for GETDATA.
AI object contains no channels.
>> ai2 = addchannel(ai_device, 0)
Index: ChannelName: HwChannel: InputRange: SensorRange: UnitsRange: Units:
1 '' 0 [-10 10] [-10 10] [-10 10] 'Volts'
>> getsample(ai_device)
ans =
>> properties(ai_device)
No class analoginput.
it says here NO CLASS Input

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