Failed to Call Regression Learner's Testing Function

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Error using mlearnapp.internal.model.DatasetSpecification>@(t)t(:,predictorNames) (line 172)
Unrecognized table variable name 'priorDeformationage'.
Error in mlearnapp.internal.model.DatasetSpecification>@(x)extractPredictorsFromTableFcn(x) (line 177)
predictorExtractionFcn = @(x) extractPredictorsFromTableFcn(x);
Error in
(line 181)
newExportableModel.predictFcn = @(x) exportableModel.predictFcn(predictorExtractionFcn(x));

Answers (1)

Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat on 23 Mar 2021
Hi Abhinav,
In the picture I can clearly see that error is bacause of unrecognized table variable:
For this please check the following things:
  • Check if there is a variable 'priorDeformationage' or not in the table.
  • Check for Spelling mistake.
  • Check if you are accessing the right table.
  • Check if the table is your path.
Hope this Helps!

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