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MATLAB Runtime installer_input.txt

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I am trying to install MATLAB Runtime with just the core MATLAB product to reduce the size of the installation. I want to use the installer_input.txt file to do this. The help page says:
"The MATLAB Runtime installer archive includes an example installer control file called installer_input.txt. This file contains all of the options available for a full MATLAB installation. The options listed in this section are valid for the MATLAB Runtime installer."
I cannot find the example file in the 'archives' directory of the unzipped Runtime files (or anywhere). I have used the file that comes with the regular Matlab installation zip, but I do not know which options are applicable, or if there are options unique to the Runtime installer.
Please help me find the example installer_input.txt file for the Runtime installer, and preferably add details to the help page too.

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Paul Wright
Paul Wright on 24 Mar 2021
Edited: Paul Wright on 29 Mar 2021
I have a workable, but probably incomplete, answer to my question from the output of compiler.package.docker. If I copy those lines to a text file, it seems to work. Note that unlike the installer input file for regulat MATLAB, the Runtime one appears not to require equals between argument and value.
The bit I was most interested in was the product.<name> true line, which lets you install just the Runtime products you need. This is addressed in my other question.
mode silent
destinationFolder /path/to/mcr
agreeToLicense yes
product.MATLAB_Runtime___Core true
product.MATLAB_Runtime___Numerics true
product.MATLAB_Runtime___Parallel_Computing_Toolbox_Cluster_Addin true
Thanks to @Raymond Norris for suggesting I look at compiler.package.docker.
Edit: this works with MATLAB R2021a / Runtime v9.10, but not in R2019b. Selective installation of Runtime seems to be a recent addition.
Paul Wright
Paul Wright on 24 Feb 2023
Thanks, Jared. Also paging @Jerome Blum, who was looking for this answer.
Wolf Blecher
Wolf Blecher on 8 Mar 2023
With R2022b the format of the file changed:
product.MATLAB Runtime - Core
product.MATLAB Runtime - Graphics
product.MATLAB Runtime - Numerics
product.MATLAB Runtime - Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox Addin
product.MATLAB Runtime - Non Interactive MATLAB

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