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Differntial equations and Initial conditions

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KaMATLAB on 28 Mar 2021
Commented: KaMATLAB on 31 Mar 2021
1. What are the main considerations for selecting initial conditions for solving dynamics equations using Matlab Simulink. For instance, setting the initial conditions in the continuous state block or integral block?
2. Is it possible to use a mathematcal expression or relation instead of a number as the initial condition in the integral block of Simulink?

Accepted Answer

Paul on 28 Mar 2021
  1. The initial conditions are set to represent the initial conditions of the system to be simulated. What other considerations might there be?
  2. Yes. Any expression can be used that returns a value that is consistent with the requirements for the initial condition of the block in question.
KaMATLAB on 31 Mar 2021
Great! perfect!!! thank you so much

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