Binning by solid angle

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Roman Hochuli
Roman Hochuli on 13 Jun 2013
I have vectors distributed on the unit sphere that I would like to bin according to their Cartesian values (x,y,z) or their description in spherical coordinates (theta,phi). Ideally, the output would be the bin index for the given vector and I would like to be able to specify the total number of bins used.
I have thus far experimented using hista(thetas,phis,4*pi/angBin,S,'radians') with S=referenceSphere and angBin being the number of angular bins on the sphere.
However, the behaviour of the function is unexpected. Can anyone tell me how to use hista() properly or suggest an alternative method?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Jun 2013
The documentation for hista does not show any syntax for calling with 5 parameters. The units parameter looks like it cannot be used with the reference shape. (I do not have the toolbox to examine the code to see if there would be a way to provide both.)

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