how to convert table with struct to excel sheet

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i need to know how to convert this table with struct to an excel files with all the data in ... please if you can help but the code to me ( i don't need file name ) the table has many struct

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 8 Apr 2021
Not really sure about what your data looks like. Assuming your structs are compatible, you can concatenate them together.
s = vertcat({:});
s = struct2table(s);
hussain abdelaziz
hussain abdelaziz on 18 Jul 2021
Dr mohamed ur code was working good when i update matlab now i try to make it don't work when i wrote
n = cellfun(@length,;
it says Error using cellfun
Input #2 expected to be a cell array, was struct instead.
what is the problem ?

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