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Units of Allan Deviation

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Mazen Maged
Mazen Maged on 9 Apr 2021
Answered: Ryan Salvo on 31 Jan 2024
Can anybody advice what are the units of both axes in this script for the allan deviation plots?
The units for my data (omega) is degrees per second.
Also, how can I convert the units on the Y axis to deg/h (one sigma)?

Answers (1)

Ryan Salvo
Ryan Salvo on 31 Jan 2024
Hi Mazen,
The units in the example of the Allan Deviation plots are seconds in the horizontal axis and rad/s for the vertical axis. This is because the input data provided to the allanvar command was in rad/s.
There is a few options to convert the vettical axes units to deg/h. You can either convert your input omega data to deg/h and then compute the Allan Deviation, or compute the Allan Deviation with your original data in deg/s and then convert to Allan Deviation values to deg/h.


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