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Implement TCP/IP Send and Receive in Raspberry Pi

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There is only UDP send and receive in Raspberry Pi. Do you think is it possible to implement TCP/IP send and receive for Raspberry Pi. Do you have the step how to do it? I would like to understand the complexity and implement it. I plan to use S Function builder to do it.
  1. Do you think is it visible to implement TCP/IP send and receive? Do you think the framework has limitation to do it by user?
  2. Is S Function builder project sufficient for this? What else do i need?
  3. How to change makefile setting for Raspeberry Pi. The default make file come with -D"_USE_TARGET_UDP_=" that enable UDP by default. How to change it? I did not see it from Matlab GUI option to disable it.
  4. I am thinking to disable -D"_USE_TARGET_UDP_=" in the makefile and supply a customize "" as call in the code HostLib_Network.c
  5. If i want to add or change in HostLib_Network.c, how to do it? because this file is generate by default.

Answers (1)

Murat Belge
Murat Belge on 24 Jul 2013
I believe most of your questions are answered in Giampiero Campa "Device Drivers" submission to MATLAB File Exchange. If you did not already, download this FEX submission and read the guide.
1. It is possible to implement TCP/IP blocks for Raspberry Pi. I am not aware of any limitations. 2. Yes. 3. You do not need to change the makefile. This flag will not affect the TCP/IP blocks you develop. Do not touch HostLib_Network.c. These files are there only for UDP. If there are no UDP blocks in a Simulink model, they are not used. 4. Don't. No need for it. 5. See 4.

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