Storing value outside the loop using reshape function

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Hello everyone!
I was working on some code and I can't silly I'm doing. Here I have attached my problem in short format. I know its still quite lengthy but please help me out. After hours I'm unable to figure out what I'm doing wrong.
l=[4; 2.8];
A=[15.0 22.5 30.0 37.5 45.0 52.5 60.0 ]';
for h=1:2
X=[L*100/16 L*100/10];
XD = A(A>=X(1,1) & A<= X(1,2));
index = 0;
for i=1:mX
A1 = [reshape(LL,[],1)];
A2 = [reshape(XDD,[],1)];
L=[A1 A2]
Running the above code gives following output:
L = 4 30
4 37.5
L = 2.8 22.5
4 37.5
Desired Output
L = 4 30
4 37.5
L = 2.8 22.5

Accepted Answer

Stéphane Vaillant
Stéphane Vaillant on 12 Apr 2021
t seems the variables LL and XDD are uninitialized and so keep their value on the second iteration of the loop. What happens when adding LL=[]; XDD=[]; just under "for h=1:2" ?
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Karanvir singh Sohal
Karanvir singh Sohal on 13 Apr 2021
Thanks @Stéphane Vaillant it work!
But if I have a huge script I have to initialize variables every time and for large number of variables it becomes hard. Is there any alternative for this?

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