I am wondering if this a no output no input function. If it is not what type of function is it?

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function Lunch

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DGM on 14 Apr 2021
It certainly doesn't have any input or output arguments, but reading the file with imread() is redundant if using that syntax with imshow(). This line does nothing:

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 14 Apr 2021
Edited: Adam Danz on 14 Apr 2021
Functions do not have to have inputs or outputs.
For example, this function below searches for invisible figures and makes them visible,
function invisibleFigToggle()
figs = findall(0,'type','figure','visible','off');
Your function reads an image and displays it in a the current figure or creates the current figure.
It's a poorly written function, though.
  • What if 'Lunchmenu.jpg' doesn't exist?
  • What if an unrelated figure already exists?
  • The function name is really bad and does not describe what the function does.
  • It's not clear why those two lines needs to be within a function.

Abdul Basith Ashraf
Abdul Basith Ashraf on 14 Apr 2021
Its basically a script.
It is as good as having a file named "Lunch.m" having the two lines:
And you call
in the main code


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