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First Order ode and simulink

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Hassan Aqwa
Hassan Aqwa on 14 Apr 2021
Answered: Aiswarya on 4 Mar 2024
Hello, i want to ask. how i can fix this error? i have try to solve but still error. I want to solve this ode first order from that equation. Thank you

Answers (1)

Aiswarya on 4 Mar 2024
Hi Hassan,
I understand that you are trying to solve a first order ODE using a derivative function. The function that you have provided has some syntactical and variable issues due to which you are getting the error message.
You may refer to the following modified code to resolve the errors:
function dCdt = F_O2(x);
kLa = x(1);
c1 = x(2);
t = 300;
Ce = 100;
dCdt = (kLa*Ce-c1)/t;
Based on your code and the inputs you are providing, your input variable "x" should be at least a two - dimensional vector for your code to work. An example call to the function would be:
F_O2([1 2])
You may also refer to this documentation for solving ODEs :

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