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Solve formal equation and get the solution with these variables

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fc on 16 Apr 2021
Commented: fc on 17 Apr 2021
I am trying with solve without success
syms ib v1 v2 hie hre hfe hoe
eqns=[i1==-ib-hfe*ib+(v1-v2)*hoe, i2==hfe*ib+(v2-v1)*hoe, ib==-v1/hie, hfb == i2 / i1, v2==0]
I want to get the same result of this :

Accepted Answer

Stephan on 17 Apr 2021
syms i1 i2 ib v1 v2 hie hre hfe hoe hfb
eqns(1) = i1==-ib-hfe*ib+(v1-v2)*hoe;
eqns(2) = i2==hfe*ib+(v2-v1)*hoe
eqns = subs(eqns,ib,-v1/hie)
%hfb == i2 / i1
eqns = hfb == rhs(eqns(2)) / rhs(eqns(1))
% v2 = 0
eqns = subs(eqns,v2,0)
% simplify
eqns = simplifyFraction(eqns)
% show pretty

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