App Designer - how to vertically align butons/listboxes in panel that resizing does not move boxes to center

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Good day. I have recently moved from using GUIDE to App Designer, and am struggling with resizing issues. I have a left panel where I have a handfull of buttons and listboxes that I dont want to resize when going fullscreen. The rest of the app (a UIAxis on the right) works correctly when resizing.
The problem is that I can get the buttons to stay the same size, however they move to the center vertically. I read that it might work to add.DropDown.VerticalAlignment = 'top', but the createComponents (app) function does not allow me to edit the app. I have tried to add app.DropDown.VerticalAlignment to the DropDownOpening function but that is not an available function. Any suggestions?
Attached my mlapp file

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