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Linear Interpolation code and plotting

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GiselleG on 20 Apr 2021
Answered: Stephan on 20 Apr 2021
Hello everyone, I am relatively new to matlab and i got the interp1 down when i have a table infront of me to solve for a specific value. but when it comes to this question i am completely lost on how to begin: Estimate the natural logarithm of 2 using linear interpolation. First, perform the computation by interpolating between ln 1 = 0 to ln 6 = 1.791759. Then repeat the procedure, but use a smaller interval from ln 1 to ln 4 = 1.386294. The true value of ln 2 is 0.6931472. What script would be used to solve this?

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Stephan on 20 Apr 2021
interp1([1 6],[log(1) log(6)], 2)
ans = 0.3584

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