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How to plot contour plots from 3 column vectors? PLEASE HELP

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I am trying to plot contour plot: I have engine speed which should goes on the x axis, BMEP which goes on the Y axis and BTE which the contours should represent. I am just wondering how I plot them, I have the data in excel and i have attached an example of what i am trying to plot.
Would really appreciate any help.

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Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri on 3 May 2021
MATLAB supports a variety of plots. You can take a look at fifferent plots supported here. To my understanding, you can use contour, contourf, surf or surf1 for this purpose. All of these functions support input in X,Y,Z like
You can import values from Excel and define the corrdinates for the plots. You can refer to the documentation links for a detailed understanding of these functions.
Hope it helps


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