Matlab Genetic Algorithm and Simulink Vehicles Dynamics Blockset

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I am currently working on a project where the goal is to optimize the lateral acceleration of a car around a specified course. We are using the genetic algorithm and the IncreasingSteer reference application, but are having an issue where values being sent to Simulink are not affecting the model. The variables are being sent to the Simulnk model via the GA cost function and appear in the ISReferenceApplication workspace. However, the model seems to use the values provided by the seperate referenced models (SIMappedEngineV, PassVeh14DOF, and Driveline) and not the actual application workspace. Is there any way to have the model use variables from its workspace instead of the referenced ones? When I tried sending the varibales directly to the PassVeh14DOF model it said the reference application could not run due to one of the refernced models not being updated. Would it be possible to send the variables directly to the PassVeh14DOF model without having the application update each model? I have been struggling with this issue for weeks now, any help would greatly be appreciated.

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Jason Rodgers
Jason Rodgers on 15 Oct 2021
Each of those models has their own workspace whcih take precident. There are a couple of ways to adress this.
  1. Rename the parameters you are modifiing and reflect that name in the model.
  2. Remove the parameters of interest from the referenced model workspace (PassVeh14DOF for example).

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