Cannot connect to MJS with parcluster

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I'm working on setting up a cluster environment, but for some reason I can't get the client to communicate with the mdce service. When I try to validate the cluster profile, parcluster can't communicate with the cluster, with the following error. Both sides are running Matlab 2013a. There are no firewall blocking the traffic between the hosts, and nodestatus.bat seems to be working fine. What can I do to try to get this thing working?
Error using parcluster (line 53)
Could not contact an MJS lookup service on host ''. Possible reasons for this problem are:
1. MJS has not been started, has crashed, or has been shut down.
2. A firewall is blocking communication between this computer and ''.
3. This computer cannot resolve the hostname of '', it resolves it to an incorrect IP address.
4. '' resolves its own hostname to an incorrect IP address.
5. Network routers are unable to route traffic from this computer to ''.
The hostname,, corresponds to the fully qualified hostname
This computer resolves it to the IP address
Nodestatus.bat says the following:
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2013a\toolbox\distcomp\bin>nodestatus.bat -remotehost -infolevel 3
MDCE service:
Security level 0
Version 6.2
MATLAB /cm/shared/apps/MATLAB/R2013a
mdce_def File /cm/shared/apps/MATLAB/R2013a/toolbox/distcomp/bin/
Platform glnxa64
Job manager lookup process:
Status Running
Job manager:
Name <censored>
Running on host <censored>
Number of workers 14
Worker names and host names node001_worker01, node001
node001_worker02, node001
node002_worker01, node002
node002_worker02, node002
node003_worker01, node003
node003_worker02, node003
node004_worker01, node004
node004_worker02, node004
node005_worker01, node005
node005_worker02, node005
node006_worker01, node006
node006_worker02, node006
node007_worker01, node007
node007_worker02, node007
Start time Tue Jun 04 15:51:27 CEST 2013
Port 27355
Requested job manager lookup
processes <censored>:27350
Registered with job manager
lookup processes on hosts <censored>:27350
Database size in bytes 722065
VM heap size in bytes 28835840
Database item cache size 0
Worker lease timeout in
milliseconds 60000
Network addresses of host
The mdce service on <censored> manages the following processes:
Job manager lookup processes 1
Job managers 1
Workers 0

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Thomas Ibbotson
Thomas Ibbotson on 11 Jul 2013
I can't see anything obviously wrong there. I suggest you contact technical support, we have support engineers that can help you set up MDCS.

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