FIL Wizard giving me a strange error

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Hey all,
I'm trying to make a FIL model using the FPGA in the loop wizard. I've done this successfully before, I am simply doing it again with a different vhdl file. I go through all of the options, Hardware Options, Source Files, I/O Ports, and then I get to Build Options. When I select "Build" it halts and gives me an error at the bottom that says: "Error: Parameter 'taret_language' does not exist in the param repository." Taret is misspelled in the error. The vhdl file I am using has been simulated and runs fine in the simulator, I'm not sure what this error is - I have never seen it before. Any advice would be welcome
Wayne on 12 Jul 2013
I'm using MATLAB 2012a

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Accepted Answer

Tao Jia
Tao Jia on 19 Jul 2013
This is a known problem, and is fixed in MATLAB 12b.

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Wayne on 12 Jul 2013
I'm answering my own question here - I restarted my machine, and the error went away. I'm still confused as to what caused it to begin with, but it's working now ...


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