problem clicking uitable checkbox

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Vincent I
Vincent I on 15 Jul 2013
My goal is to have a button go from off to on, or viceversa, when a checkbox is selected in the table. However for some reason sometimes works sometimes doesnt. From what I can tell for some reason when I click on a checkbox the callback function runs twice so although the check box might be checked or unchecked the button might be on or off. Any ideas?
function inputTable_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
data_table = get(handles.Data_Table,'Data');
if ~isempty(find([data_table{:,3}]==1))
set(handles.RunScenario_Button,'BackgroundColor',[0.941176 0.941176 0.941176])

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Vincent I
Vincent I on 15 Jul 2013
found my problem...
the table cell selection and edit accessed the same function
'ColumnEditable',[false false true false false true],...
clearly that's a no no at least in my case....


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