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Why does Wheel rotate in all directions when running the simulation in Simscape Multibody after import ?

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Hello there,
after importing a simplified CAD Model of a suspension to Simulink, i got an automatic generated block diagram.
When running the simulation, the wheel is rotating in all directions. Do I have to replace the joint? And if so with what? I also would like to know why the wheel is rotating that way without having set any parameters.
FYI: The wishbone is connected with the wheel with a knuckle steering through a spherical joint.
To show my problem easier i added the corresponding file.

Accepted Answer

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 18 Jun 2021
Hi Nabila,
Your suspension is missing (at least) two important components - the track rod and the shock (spring damper). Without those, gravity is enough to get the entire suspension to pivot around wildly.
I added a track rod just using Simscape Multibody geometry which limits the oscillations a little, but the suspension can get itself into configurations that would never happen in real life. You could add a spring-damper to resist gravity. You could also limit the movement of the joints, but I doubt you would want those limits to be active all the time.

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