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Connecting to Arduino with Matlab on Windows 7

Asked by Nick
on 24 Jul 2013
I am trying to connect to my Arduino Uno through Matlab 2012a. I have looked through the forums and can't seem to find anyone with quite this exact issue.
I have already successfully installed the drivers and confirmed an operational connection through COM4 using the Arduino IDE. Now, after installing the Arduino toolbox for Matlab, I get the following error:
Open failed: Port: COM4 is not available. Available ports: COM1, COM3. Use INSTRFIND to determine if other instrument objects are connected to the requested device. Error using arduino (line 83) Could not open port: COM4
I get the same error when tring to connect on my own without using the toolbox using 'serial' and 'fopen'. I ensured that the Arduino IDE is closed prior to attempting this, so that is not the issue.
Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks!

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This can be solved many times by closing and re-opening MATLAB, or re-booting the computer.

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1 Answer

Answer by Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer on 28 Aug 2013

Nick, Try closing the Arduino IDE and Arduino Serial Monitor tool before using the Arduino toolbox for MATLAB. Otherwise, reboot your system and leave Arduino IDE unopened.


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