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What is GUIDATA in graphical user interface ?

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Jalaj Bidwai
Jalaj Bidwai on 27 Jul 2013
I am getting a hard time understanding guidata. I read many articles about it on mathworks site as well as other sites, but either none of them have explained it properly or I couldn't understand it:(. Can anybody please explain me in DETAIL about what guidata in simple words and is how it works and if possible please cite some EXAMPLE to explain it.

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per isakson
per isakson on 27 Jul 2013
Did you try
doc guidata
I cannot give an answer as good as the one you will find in the documentation

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Jan on 28 Jul 2013
Edited: Jan on 28 Jul 2013
guidata stores a variable in the figure's ApplicationData and obtains it from there also. This is useful to store any data which belongs to a specific figure. guidata can be used to share variables between different callbacks.
Did you read doc guidata already?


Jalaj Bidwai
Jalaj Bidwai on 29 Jul 2013
what is the difference between Application data and GUI data?
Jan on 29 Jul 2013
The figure has a property, which is called 'ApplicationData':
get(gcf, 'ApplicationData')
But guidata is a command, which writes are reads to and from this property field.
Notice, that there are neither "Application data" nor "GUI data", because the upper/lower case and the spaces matter.
Let me ask again, if you have read the corresponding documentation already. Matlab's help is very good (with some limitations for the 2013a release, how sad), so it is efficient, if you read it.

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