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Some error being shown continuously

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Kiran Radhakrishnan
Kiran Radhakrishnan on 20 May 2021

Can you solve both this equation using newton raphson method....please can u help finding the solution for this....

Eqn 1 = 16.19983968*(x^4)+(-12.83225571*(x^3))+(-3.36213765*(x^2))+3.88*log(1-x)-3.88*log(1-y)+(-8.300851844)

Eqn 2= 16.19983968*(x^4)+(-34.43204196*(x^3))+15.88624592*(x^2)+6.724275306*x+3.88*log(x)-3.88*log(y)+(-1.052415372)

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Girijashankar Sahoo
Girijashankar Sahoo on 20 May 2021
%% fzero function might be helpful for solve in one line instruction
x = fzero(@(x)16.19983968*(x^4)+(-12.83225571*(x^3))+(-3.36213765*(x^2))+3.88*log(1-x).....
%% more to check help fzero

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