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I get the error 'Changing property 'UnconnectedLineMsg' is not allowed ' when using a block from the MATLAB and Simulink Robotics Playground

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When creating or running a model using the MATLAB And SImulink Robotics toolbox, I get the following error:
Error evaluating 'InitFcn' callback of block_diagram 'untitled'. Callback string is 'RPInit'
Caused by:
  • Changing property 'UnconnectedLineMsg' is not allowed

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Student Competitions Team
To fix the error, go to the Simulink model settings and set the UnconnectedLineMsg connectivity diagnostic to 'none'. See how to do it in the picture below:

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Sorawit on 1 May 2023
clc; clear all
model = 'bright2';
setpref('MathWorks_Embedded_IDE_Link_PIL_Preferences','BaudRate', 115200);
setpref('MathWorks_Embedded_IDE_Link_PIL_Preferences', 'enableserial', true);
set_param(model, 'CreateSILPILBlock', 'PIL');
rtwbuild([model '/Brighttest'])
Error using pilcontriller (line 10)
Changing property 'CreateSILPILBlock' is not allowed
I found an error and would like to ask how to fix it.

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