How to find value closest to set value after a certain index in a matrix

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I have time lapse data of intensities. There is first 10 rows of baseline and then stimulation, after which the intensity values peak. Aftert peaking the intensities begin to derease; sometimes they drop back to baseline but usually they remain elevated. There are varying amounts of columns but each column has 131 rows. Each column represents data from a single cell, and ear row is a different timepoint.
For each column I would want to find the max value (peak of the signal) and its index. Additionally I would like to know how long it takes for the signal to drop to 1/2 max value, or the value closest to that.
I am able to find the max value and its index, but hen it gets tricky.
[M,Im] = max(x);
% M is max value in each column and Im is the index of each max value
The biggest problem is how to make the code search for 1/2 max value ONLY in the rows after the max value.

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SALAH ALRABEEI on 18 Jun 2021
[N,IN] = min(abs(M/2-x)

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