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Move diary in file to newfolder

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armin m
armin m on 6 Jul 2021
Commented: armin m on 6 Jul 2021
Hi.I export my output file to diary file.I want each time i run the code, matlab move diary file to a newfolder and rename the folder name to date and time of running can i do?

Accepted Answer

Peter O
Peter O on 6 Jul 2021
Hi Armin,
Try this at the start of your code. You may need to ensure the path exists before creating the diary file. You should get an error if that's the case, use mkdir for the path.
mypath = 'diaries'
myfile = "mydiary_" + datestr(now,30) + ".txt"
filepath = fullfile(mypath, myfile)
% Print location of diaryfile
Peter O
Peter O on 6 Jul 2021
Not possible, unfortunately.

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