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Maxpooling layer in MLP

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수원 김
수원 김 on 8 Jul 2021
Hello community,
I am struggling with creating custom layer since MATLAB doesn't have maxpooling layer for 1d, specifically for MLP. Can any help me out with this? Thank you very very much in advance.

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Aparajith Raghuvir
Aparajith Raghuvir on 8 Jul 2021
I understand you require a 1D maxpooling layer. You may find this function useful - maxpool. The documentation details how it can be used for 1D maxpooling. You may also access the documentation via the following command:
doc maxpool
I hope this helps.
Aparajith Raghuvir
Aparajith Raghuvir on 12 Jul 2021
There is no back propagation done in this maxpool function. I can try and help you better if you can share the code that you have so far.

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