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yi xiang low
yi xiang low on 22 Sep 2013
the output of svm depends on the sign of (w*x+b),
how do i get the output of the exact value of w*x+b before it outputs the sign and then identify the classes?

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Ilya on 22 Sep 2013

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yi xiang low
yi xiang low on 23 Sep 2013
Thank you for your fast response,
Xnew = bsxfun(@plus,Xnew,shift); Xnew = bsxfun(@times,Xnew,scale);
for this two, what does bsxfun, @plus, @times exactly do?
i suppose this is to scale the data by subtracting the mean and scaling by the standard deviation.
what exactly is the code running behind bsxfun, @plus, @times? (i notice there are some other @, such as @plus, @rdivide - i suppose this is to unscale the data? )
yi xiang low
yi xiang low on 23 Sep 2013
Sorry, this is my first time posting - will take notice next time.
I accidentally typed help bxsfun instead of help bsxfun. Thank you

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