Image processing of Synoptic Charts

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Madeleine Combrinck
Madeleine Combrinck on 13 Aug 2021
Answered: Anshika Chaurasia on 15 Sep 2021
I need advice on the processing and data extraction from the image of a synoptic chart.
The code needs to determine the location of the high pressure (H) and low pressure (L) regions on the chart.
I have used the ocr commands, but it is not picking up the H and L text in the image.
I used a code similar to the one provided here: This picks up the numbers as letters as well.

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Anshika Chaurasia
Anshika Chaurasia on 15 Sep 2021
Hi Madeleine,
It is my understanding on using this answer code the ocr is recognizing numbers(0-9) as letters(A-Z).
One possible reason could be that in ocr, 'CharacterSet' is set to 'A:Z'. In this case, the ocr attempts to match each character to only letters.
results = ocr(BW1, roi, 'TextLayout', 'Word','CharacterSet','A':'Z');
Try to use ocr without CharacterSet Name-Value pair argument and check the result.
Refer to CharacterSet documentation for more information.
Hope it helps!




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