Error in S-function while running FPGA-in-the-loop, FIL Wizard

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Am using MATLAB r2011a, I have made simulink model and using FIL wizard for Atlys Spartan 6 kit. Am successfully able to generate the FIL block and able to load the program to kit. But when I run simulink model it gives following Block error:
Error in '../ABC' while executing C MEX S-function 'filsfun', (mslSetWorkWidths), at time 0.0.
And Model Error as: Unexpected unknown exception from MEX file.

Answers (1)

Tao Jia
Tao Jia on 30 Oct 2013
This looks a problem in the FIL block. Maybe you can check the signals connected to the FIL block (the data type and dimensions).
I would also suggest upgrading your MATLAB version. R2011a was the first release of FPGA-in-the-Loop feature and there are lots of enhancements and bug fixes since then.

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