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How do I obtain the MATLAB Mobile connector?

A customer has downloaded the MATLAB Mobile application from the Appstore online, and would like to know how to obtain the connector required to use it.


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 15 Mar 2017
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For R2013a and newer releases:
The Mobile Connector is built into MATLAB itself. The ‘connector’ command is located in the following directory:
$MATLAB\toolbox\matlab\connector\connector\ (connector.p) (Where $MATLAB) is the MATLAB installation directory.
Once MATLAB is installed, you will need to navigate to the above location in the MATLAB command window, and execute:
>> connector on
You will then be prompted to specify a password as this is the first time running the connector, followed by being provided the IP address and DNS name of your machine.
NOTE: You must be associated to a valid license for MATLAB with download permissions to download the MATLAB Mobile Connectors. Students can download the Connector so long as their MathWorks account is registered for student use with a currently registered serial number.

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I am using MATLAB 2010b on my lab computer in the university. I am not able to download connector because there is no MATLAB license associated with my Mathworks account. Is there a workaround?

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