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Three-dimensional reconstruction from planar slices.

version (635 KB) by Doug Hull
Solid object reconstructed from slice images in parallel planes.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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Often three dimensional objects need to be reconstructed from planar images that are taken from slices in destructive testing. This sometimes requires the manual selecting of control points, but in this case geometries of the solid can be exploited to realign the images automaticaly. This is an example showing one pair of images being realigned in the X, Y, and Theta dimensions.

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Ranu Roy

it shows the file doesnt exist..plz check

henry tien

i dont know what the meaning of its show?

One small comment about the sample image above... The titles appear somewhat confusing. I think the image on the right should be titled something like "Base Image rotated 165.9375 degrees" and the center image should be titled something like "Rotated Image re-oriented to the Base Image".

Romulo Ordóñez Davila


Atul Kumar

ling mao


Juan Carlos Quiroz

istrate octav

Gal Shafirstein


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