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Analyzing Fleet Test Data using MATLAB

version (2.48 MB) by Seth DeLand
Files from the webinar "Analyzing Fleet Test Data using MATLAB"


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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There are 3 demos included in this package:
1) MergingOntoRoute9: Shows different ways to visualize and explore data that came from a vehicle merging onto a highway. The data can be visualized on a webmap, which requires Mapping Toolbox.
2) DeerIncident: Use mapreduce to run an Event Detection algorithm to search for sudden deceleration.
3) CylinderFailureDemo: Try a few different techniques for analyzing and visualizing data from a small aircraft engine. The last technique - computing a rolling standard deviation - makes it obvious that the 4th cylinder has an issue (in this case, a burnt exhaust valve).
For more info:
* Mapreduce:
* Machine Learning:

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Rohith P

In function mapper, why acceleration is computed by taking difference of speed though acceleration data is available.


Updated license

Trimmed slide deck to only consist of slides that explain the demos.

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