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Remote Control Racecar using Simulink® and Texas Instruments C2000

version (13.3 MB) by MathWorks Student Competitions Team
Remote control racecar programmed using Simulink, integrating vehicle dynamics controllers and CAN


Updated 06 Oct 2017

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This submission contains Simulink® models developed for a Texas Instruments C2000 based remote control racecar platform that provides a great introduction to Simulink hardware programming. The models demonstrate the usage of closed-loop traction control and open-loop torque vectoring algorithms to control the vehicle’s dynamics as well as CAN communication to transmit sensor data and receive commands and controller parameters. The demonstration also features a Simulink host application that uses Vehicle Network Toolbox™ hardware support to interact with the vehicle in real-time through the CAN network. Additional details on how the hardware was integrated for this demonstration can be found in the submissions pdf file.

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MathWorks Student Competitions Team (2021). Remote Control Racecar using Simulink® and Texas Instruments C2000 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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zengrong wang


Good works! And thanks. But the SCI communication is not in the demo while the documentation introduced. My question is, as your communications are not in interruptions, how does the system ensure to capture all the informations?

Christoph Hahn

Hi Sampath, the vehicle is not custom built. We have used a kit called 'Alamak' produced by Landzo. They seem to not have it in their online store anymore, but I just found it at other vendors. Let me re-emphasize, you are pretty much free to choose a car, I just shared what we have used. This is not a recommendation. Hope this helps?! Best, Christoph


Great example. What is the RC chassis used in this example? I have never seen a commercial 1:10 scale RC with dual rear motors for torque vectoring. Is this a custom build?

liu you



Awesome example. Hope to get more such units. It's really helpful for beginners to know the capability of the tool.

Brandon Eidson


Great example!

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