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Meteomatics Weather API Connector

version (371 KB) by Martin Fengler
This packages contain samples to query any meteorological data from the Meteomatics Weather API.


Updated 14 Sep 2018

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Accessing any weather, ocean or environmental data should be simple and convenient: Meteomatics provides a REST-full API to global historical, current and forecast data. This includes derived data from different centers (GFS, ECMWF, UK MetOffice, Env. Canada etc...), radar data, satellite, observational, lightning, land usage, digital terrain model data. Moreover, you can get also derived parameters like wind power and solar power data and forecasts for a given geolocation.
The API provides time series as well as spatial data. The latter is also offered through a WMS/WFS-compatible interface. This package includes some examples to enable a quick start when dealing with this API.
An online documentation is available through .

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dong li

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demo tres bien!

Nice documentation and great weather data


easy to use, great results

Livio Roth

Very easy to use, I did not need much time to get the first weather data with the good documented code. Thanks!

Wow, weather data and forecasts as flexible as I need! Great tool!

Very well documented API and extensive amount of data available.

Awesome weather content!

Great tool with a huge weather data package behind. Cool stuff!!!

nice examples to get started with!

Awesome weather content! Wish I had that during my studies!


Simplified access to query time series and gridded data. Added scripts to:
- query weather data for a set of geolocations,
- query weather station data in a given domain.

Introduced bug fixes due to changes in webread. Changes due to new API licensing mechanism.

Force webread to use txt option.

Bug fix in time series query for Matlab version <=9.0.

Bug fix for Matlab 2017b

Bug fix in tmp variable for Matlab Version 9.0.

Fixed a bug with Matlab versions newer than 2017.

Change to BSD license.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2015a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: xml2struct