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bisectguess uses bisection and a guess of the root to provide a fast and robust root-finding method that is compatible with code generation.


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A root of a function f is found by repeated bisection of a specified interval containing a sign change of f. An initial guess of the root can be provided (as for MATLAB's fzero), outwards from which an interval is geometrically expanded until a sign change is found, then bisection proceeds within that interval. (In the thumbnail image, a root of a quadratic is found, despite that the function is positive at both ends of its domain.)
Only one problem is solved at a time: f is a scalar function whose first argument is a scalar. Extra arguments of f are taken directly from extra arguments to bisectguess. To solve many problems, put bisectguess inside a for loop, inside a wrapper function. To make this fast, use code generation to turn the wrapper function into a fast MEX function -- encapsulating f in the MEX function too.
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Inspired by: Bisection Method Root Finding

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