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How to substitute multiple array syms easily?
Setup: A = sym('A', 4) B = sym('B', 3) x = A*A(1:4,1)+[B(1:3,1); 0] subs(x, {A, B}, {diag([3,2,1,0]), diag([1,3,5])}) Outpu...

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How to generate a symmetric positive definite matrix?
What are the requirements to the distributions of the resulting random variables? I think a crucial insight is that multiplying...

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Assigning a placeholder variable
Couldn't you use the symbolic toolbox? E.g.: syms x_symbol y = <some expression of x_symbol> z = <some other expressi...

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How to connect Logitech Extreme pro 3D Joystick to Simulink on Mac
Try ID 0 or 1. I found mine on 1.

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state space model has error
I don't know if this is relevant to your (five year old) case, but in case someone else encounters this error message: I got it...

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2018a Copy Paste not working Live Scripts
I tried the double drag and drop solution for a while, but it becomes very cumbersome when editing formulas etc. I did not want ...

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