Develop, manage, analyze, and test MATLAB applications

Measure Code Coverage in MATLAB

Measure how much of your MATLAB application or algorithm is covered by testing. Collect decision, condition, and MC/DC coverage metrics, along with statement and function coverage metrics from MATLAB. Use these metrics in assessing testing effectiveness and completeness or in demonstrating compliance with industry regulations.

Visualize MATLAB Code Quality

Visualize and measure the quality of your MATLAB code with the MATLAB Test code quality dashboard. The dashboard provides an aggregated summary view of static code analysis and test results, as well as coverage and requirements metrics.

Equivalence Testing for Code Integrity

Create and run back-to-back equivalence tests. Compare the results produced by your MATLAB code with the results produced by code generated with MATLAB Coder or MATLAB Compiler SDK in accordance with IEC® 62304 and ISO 26262 recommendations.

Manage Large-Scale Test Suites

Organize and manage tests and test results in your project by creating and running custom test suites. Apply dependency-based test techniques to focus test efforts on critical code sections. Use persistent test results to rerun only a select subset of tests to verify code edits.

Trace Requirements to MATLAB Code and Tests

With Requirements Toolbox, create, manage, and navigate traceability links between individual lines in your MATLAB or MATLAB Test code and requirements information in external documents. Highlight traceability in the MATLAB editor to identify gaps in implementation or testing.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Use tool qualification artifacts, certificates, and test suites from the IEC Certification Kit to qualify MATLAB Test and other MathWorks code generation and verification tools to ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN 50128, ISO 25119, and related functional safety standards such as IEC 62304 and EN 50657. Certificates and assessment reports from TÜV SÜD are included in the kit for MATLAB Test.

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